In My Classroom
Our school day begins with worship. We spend time reading from our Bibles, a devotional book, or about missionaries. We also do TAG (Time Alone with God). The students have TAG journals where they can list prayer requests, answered prayers, and favorite Bible verses. There is also a TAG corner set up where students can go to spend time with God.

During Bible class we study about Bible characters and their walk with God. Students work in groups when projects are done or on their own to complete worksheets. Once a month we participate in an outreach activity to practice what we’ve learned and help show Jesus to others.

Writing Workshop includes activities to improve spelling, handwriting, and grammar skills. We also do an assortment of different writing activities to strengthen students’ writing process. Students are introduced to writing narratives, how- to essays, descriptive paragraphing, reports, and letters. We also do author studies to examine the process and style that professional authors take.

Our language arts program is called Pathways. This program is a balanced approach to reading within cross-curricular themes. Students will participate in read alouds, guided reading, shared reading, comprehension strategies, reader’s workshop, home reading, and study strategies.

Science and Social Studies chapters are rotated throughout the year. The approach to these two subjects is very similar. Students will be using text books for much of their daily work. We’ll be focusing on learning vocabulary, how to read and use a textbook, and cooperative group projects. Many of our field trips will tie in to the subject matter from these two subjects.

Math time starts off with a Mad Minute drill. As a whole class we then tackle a word problem step by step. Students then are instructed at their grade level and given time to compete their assignments. Math manipulative, games, and partner drills are provided to aid in student growth.

My goal is for each one of my students to become lifelong learner, independent, cooperative, confident, respectful, and faithful. This is the time to develop a love for learning.  We will function as a family and have rotating responsibilities to take ownership of our classroom and school. I enjoying getting to know my students each year and drawing closer to Christ with them.