Meet Mrs. Wetmore
Mrs. Wetmore decided she wanted to be a teacher when she was in 3rd grade and has never looked back. She remembers playing school with her younger neighbors and lovingly teaching them new things. In high school she worked as an aide at an elementary school and then worked her way through college running an after-school program for the Collegedale Adventist Church.  She also spent a summer at Indian Creek Camp as a girl’s counselor and taught puppets and drama. In 1999 she graduated from Southern Adventist University’s School of Education. 

After graduating, Mrs. Wetmore moved to Guam where she taught for three years at Guam Adventist Academy and then for two years at a low-income public school.  Mrs. Wetmore values the lessons she learned while teaching students who came from disadvantaged circumstances and spoke very little English. After taking a seven-year break to stay at home with her two children, Mrs. Wetmore returned to the classroom to teach grades K-3.

Classrooms that Mrs. Wetmore teaches are fun, well ordered, and structured to help students achieve learning success.  Her goal is to help each student work to their full potential.  Seeing students accomplish something hard and discover something new is what motivates her. Mrs. Wetmore’s greatest desire is to teach children about Jesus and show them how to have a meaningful relationship with Him.

 Mrs. Wetmore is excited to be  teaching seventh and eighth grade and is very much looking forward to working with Ms. Gonzales to help create an excellent educational experience for their students.  Her goal is to work with Ms. Gonzales in creating a dynamic team teaching environment where the students have a seamless learning experience between the two teachers and gain the best of each teacher’s strengths.

Mrs. Wetmore is married to Elder Ken Wetmore who is the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference Youth Director.  Their children, Kyla, 8, and Eric, 6, are currently in Kindergarten and 2nd grade.  The family is moving to Portland after living for the last five years on the campus of Upper Columbia Academy outside of Spokane, Washington.